About the Owner

In 1987, I decided to buy the dream dollhouse I'd always wanted. After much searching, I opted for Lawbre's Chessington Plaza and the French Country model. They were beautiful and HUGE! Realizing I had no clue about finishing the interiors,I signed up for a class with the Magical Miss Bluette Meloney, and came home with the most beautiful roombox I'd ever seen. I was Hooked! I took class after class with Bluette, and never touched my dollhouses, which now serve as "lookout perches" for our four cats. Blu's classes were so much fun! She was an artistic genius who could fix any mistake.   Rest in Peace Ms. Blu, we all loved you!

I use the techniques I've learned in these workshops and some of my own, to paint furniture. Miniature crystal chandeliers are also my passion, so it was only natural for me to start making them. I think I love everything about this business. Miniaturists are some of the nicest people I've ever met.

I hope you enjoy looking at my "babies". Making them is a joy!

~ Gerry De Cave

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